Welcome to the House of Horrors. If you came here expecting some profound vision on life, you’re going to be disappointed. Lately I’ve come to realize that I’m not really a very nice person. I’m probably not a very good person either. Sometimes, I can be a pretty pissed off person. But, hey, that’s reality right? Life will do that to you. There are times it makes you feel elated, and times it makes you feel like you suck. And lots of times in between. Where are you? And where the hell am I?

Read on, but here’s my disclaimer: I never promised to make any sense.


Ever wondered why cats are so infatuated with the dryer? I have. My cat’s actually staring at me from mine right now. I guess it’s nice for a cat. Private, secluded. It feels safe. I mean, nothing can get you from behind. Cats are smart. They put themselves in positions where they can’t be stabbed in the back. If they made bigger ones, I might even be willing to crawl in there when I need a moment to myself. That is, until some giant comes along, closes the door and presses a button. Then I’m screwed.

This message has been brought to you by: The Mad Prophet