Day 15: Friendship

Friendship is another thing that changes when you’re married to the military.  You learn to be more accepting of people, you learn to make friends quickly, yet never lose sight of the fact that it’s probably not a lifetime friendship.  Most times, friendships aren’t the way it’s portrayed on Army Wives.  You don’t get 7 seasons with people.  You don’t get to be besties with the base commander’s wife (there’s no way in hell if you’re enlisted).  You won’t always get along, you won’t always be perfectly supportive of each other.  There will be gossip, there will be moving, there will be days when you want to smack each other.  Your friends typically live four doors down, and the only reason you met is because your kids play together.  Not that the friendships aren’t rewarding.  They are.  I’ve met some amazing people.  But it’s just different.  Meeting people, you’re more inclined to ask the important questions and weed out the people who failed your interview.  You don’t always have time to take a year to get to know someone.  Friendships take the fast track, but always with a sense of reservation.  No one wants to be heartbroken when the inevitable happens, and half your sisterhood has to move across the country (or to another one entirely).  It’s a sisterhood.  A strange one sometimes, but a sisterhood nonetheless.