Hey guys! So this has been a totally crazy week for me. My husband got home from a mini-deployment, and we’ve been spending a lot of extra time with the kids. Plus, I’ve been asked to be a contributor for an up and coming parenting website, http://www.parents-space.com/!  This is a really amazing opportunity for me, so I’m proud to be a part of the project.  The site is dedicated to all things parenting, from pregnancy to college.  But what makes us unique?

1.  Dedicated sections for topics you will not see in other online publications!  We have articles on blended families, dealing with cutting, ADD/ADHD, LGBT families, single-parent families, adoption and more.

2. A different mission.  The idea for the site began when our founder was looking for special information about cutting to help her daughter understand an ongoing situation in school.  She found that not enough information was out there, and so parents-space began.  Our job isn’t just to publish feel-good, perfect-home articles and recipes.  We write about the tough stuff.  We write new and creative ideas to engage children, raise awareness, and provide real help for families.

3.  I’m there, duh.   I mean, what more could you want?  I know you have all been wondering where you could possibly read more of my writing (shhh, yes you have).  So click on the happy little logo below, or the link above, and check us out!


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