Quickie! Been writing a lot more lately, in more ways than one. Sometimes I forget. It can take something catastrophic or even just a tiny thing to get me on the right track again. Feeling exhausted. I got to relax… Read More ›

So true…

The original source of this I do not know, as it’s been clipped a couple of times, so I can’t credit the author. But oh, how true this is (for me especially). DANGEROUS: What’s for dinner? SAFER: Can I help… Read More ›

More Old Poetry

… that I wrote in April 2004: You burn a hole in my brain Effortlessly shattering through My protection of bone To the flesh beneath And there you’ve stopped Resting comfortably In the depths of my thoughts But slowly all… Read More ›

Old Poetry

I wrote it in March of 2004: I am called Yet I cannot follow I am chastised Yet I cannot obey The fear has kept me well I have imprisoned myself With the fear of your confrontation Till there is… Read More ›